In which a football manager makes a medium-term wager

Grigor Pasha writes: The situation, in my second season here on the Black sea coast with Neftochimic, as I see it is this: in the foreseeable future we're not going to have enough money to buy success. Even though my spending on wages is way below budget, we're losing money every month. The way this … Continue reading In which a football manager makes a medium-term wager

Dogma No More – Part 1

Du Malone writes: I hesitate to reblog two posts on the same day, but I have just come across this and thinks it’s excellent. The main attraction for me is the hard-headedness of the cost/benefit analysis of youth development. I’m also intrigued by the developing pragmatism vs dogma theme: I hope they’ll be more of that.

Tommys Boy on Football Manager

“I think I’ve seen that film. With the two dopey guys and that Mexican lassie wi’ the big -“

“Dogmatic! I said I can’t be so dogmatic, Keith. Nothing to do with a film”

My exasperation came from trying to explain that with our budget and the club’s vision of youth development we had to be flexible with our tactics and our economics. To be more pragmatic and less fixated on my own tactical preference.

“Besides Mallrats is a much better film”

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