The hegemony of tactics

  Tactics, tactics, everywhere! Tactics form a staple, indeed central, topic in FM content. In this blog, I've pursued an alternative. My aim has been, not to avoid tactics altogether, but to downplay the topic and shift the emphasis onto other aspects of FM. Three reasons lie behind this stance: for readers who wish to … Continue reading The hegemony of tactics

The RE-Builders of Pripyat: A Valeriy Lobanovskiy tactical recreation

Du Malone writes: For its blend of football history, tactics, and FM, I hereby designate this post, reblogged from FM Eadster, as an instant classic.


Little more than nine days after the disaster at Chernobyl, with radioactive isotopes still falling across Western Europe, Soviet Cup Winners, Dynamo Kyiv lined up to play Spanish giants Atl├ętico Madrid in the final of the Cup Winners Cup in Lyon. Kyiv sits only 100Km to the south of Chernobyl and the Kyiv youth sides, including a nine-year-old Andriy Schevchenko, had already been evacuated to a camp near the Black Sea.

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