Day One at a Club: an iconoclastic approach

Grigor Pasha writes: Here are some key features of the context in which I have begun to manage Farul Constanta in the Romanian Second League: we have virtually no spare budget for wages (or transfers); we have no scouts; it's 27 May; the players return fro training in late June. Go online, there are numerous … Continue reading Day One at a Club: an iconoclastic approach

Down the Danube | #2 – Squad Numbering is an Art Form

Du Malone writes: I reblog this post from FMathlete for two reasons. First, like Grigor Pasha, he’s managing Farul Constanta in Romania (though he’s a couple of seasons ahead of Pasha). And, second, it’s the only post I’ve read on that deals with the topic of squad numbering.


Welcome back to the bustling city of Constanta where the Sharks are gearing up for their first full season with Frank Athlete at the helm. This season took me almost two months to complete, largely down to several work trips preventing me from getting some decent game time in.

Nonetheless, I’m delighted to bring you an update from the Black Sea and will also share my musings on the role of squad numbering – a topic that will have some of you drooling at the mouth and rest of you now asleep in a heap, but hear me out anyway!

Shall we get on with it?

Save Update

I can’t say I’m not pleased about it, I’m delighted, but there’s so much more to come from this team. I really hope they can live up to my expectations, and push on to the next level within the next year or…

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Breaking news: Surprise managerial appointment in Romania

Liga II outfit Farul Constanta have surprised the football world by appointing Grigor Pasha as their new manager. Pasha, who is Bulgarian, is no stranger to the Black Sea region. In the 1980s he played in the Varna region in Bulgaria. He then took time out from football, working in the merchant navy and what … Continue reading Breaking news: Surprise managerial appointment in Romania