Online festival of FM content

Image: 2012 Latin Festival by Sangudo, generously made available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence. Source: flickr.   This post is the first in a series called Sharing FM. Blog posts can consist of nothing but words. Typically, though, they include images of some form – photographs, in-game videos, tactical diagrams, GIFs, … Continue reading Online festival of FM content

If you are an FM content creator, are you running a risk?

Du Malone writes: The field of content creation around FM is flourishing. There are podcasts, videos, livestreams, designs (kits, logos, skins), and databases. Blogging, in particular, is booming, FM Library's burgeoning list shows. All of which is great -- but I do have one concern: people may, in their enthusiasm, be disrespecting intellectual property (IP) rights … Continue reading If you are an FM content creator, are you running a risk?

Introductory guidance on blogging

Du Malone writes: On the page about guest posts I mentioned that we're open to suggestions for guest posts from people who are considering blogging about FM but who have yet to start. Here, for anyone who's new to blogging, I thought I'd set out some introductory advice. Protocol Here are my recommendations: Decide on … Continue reading Introductory guidance on blogging