FM Content Creation: A few thoughts

Du Malone writes: I’m reblogging this post by Rock End’s FM because I found it fascinating to read. It strikes me as both a reflective and expressive piece, touching on many themes of importance.

Rock's End FM

Hello guys. Today I meant to release Chapter 6 of the Livorno Series, but after what’s been the most read post on this blog’s history and due to some thinking I’ve doing on what that means, I wanted to share a few thoughts on my motivation for starting this blog and FM content creation as a whole.

I really enjoyed writing the Lessons series, and it being a big success (in terms relative to this blog, of course) truly warmed my heart. As writer and journalist it made me happy that going a bit outside the tried and trusted formulas was received so well. I’m not saying anything new, of course; every day some motivational speaker is telling some hopeful creator to think ourside the box, to come up with something new. But as any writer, singer, painter, designer, etc. will tell you, it’s not that easy not is it…

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Moving your FM blog up a level

Du Malone writes: The advent of FM20 saw a burgeoning of blogging. I sensed -- these things are difficult to measure -- that early spring saw a diminution of posts. But now lockdown seems to have brought a second growth (which @fm_library have, in their admirable way, been promoting). FM chronicles The staple FM blog … Continue reading Moving your FM blog up a level