What Makes You Tick?

Du Malone writes: I’m reblogging this post because think it’s engaging when an FM blogger uses narrative form to explore issues in the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and also follow the links that the author has provided at the end.

Score More (FM)

Part 1 – Getting to know the team

It´s officially my first day on the job. I had planned out my vision for the team.I had watched hours upon hours of videos from Toulouse´s previous season to have a better idea of what I should find waiting for me. Nothing is like the first training sessions to get a better idea though. To get a better idea of the team and how the dynamics work, I followed Ancelotti´s example. In the beginning, the maestro stays in the background, doing nothing but observing. (You can learn more from him in his book Quiet Leadership, among others.)

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A season in the Bulgarian Second: A tale in five acts

Grigor Pasha writes: My first season (2019-20) at Chernomorets Balchik lends itself to division into five acts. Act I: Power struggle with the captain Right from the get-go I experienced problems with the incumbent captain, Genadi Alberto-Lugo. He played badly -- and then refused to accept criticism. He trained badly -- and then refused to … Continue reading A season in the Bulgarian Second: A tale in five acts