Down the Danube | #1 – Starting as Unemployed

Du Malone writes: I’m delighted to see that FMathlete has resumed his ‘Down the Danube’ blog. For me, it has two points of interest, namely: (1) its geographical proximity to the Black Sea region — in fact, in this post FMathlete’s manager takes up the post at Farul Constanta, on the Black Sea coast — who knows, we may one day see our own manager, Grigor Pasha, working there; and (2) it’s well written. In addition, I was interested to read the comments on starting unemployed, an option I’ve never even experimented with. Enjoy. – and subscribe to his blog!


Hello again and welcome back to my FM20 blog series, Down the Danube. This post is coming to you much later than I initially anticipated, but real life got in the way of getting this released sooner. In case you missed the introductory blog post, you can catch up on that here.

Otherwise, here’s a quick recap for anyonee who may have forgotten the intent of this save. Down the Danube will document the life and career of Frank M. Athlete, a journeyman manager who will be working within the nine countries that the River Danube flows through (or alongside) and that are in the game. These are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine with Moldova being left out due to them not being playable in FM20. I’ve not got any specific rules about the clubs I’ll be managing and their proximity to the Danube…

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Europe, Asia, and football management: the significance of Grigor Pasha

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