The Grigor Pasha beta save was at OFC Pomorie on the Bulgarian coast. Links:

The first gamma Grigor Pasha save is just down the coast, at Neftochimic 1962. Links:

Grigor resigned from Neftochimic 1962 during his fourth season (2022-23) with them, following a disagreement with the chairman, Peter Danchev, over the sale of club captain Pavel Zdravkov.

Pasha’s second gamma save was up in the north of Bulgaria, again on the coast, managing Chernomorets Balchik.

After a successful 4-year spell, Grigor resigned in 2023 after being diagnosed with incipient ennui.

Grigor’s third gamma save was at FC Farul Constanta on the Romanian coast. Links:

After a successful 5-year spell in which the club was promoted to Liga 1 and became financially secure, Pasha resigned unexpectedly. He was overheard saying something about being ‘a satisficer in a job that required a mximiser’ — whatever thta means.

His fourth gamma save has now started at MFC Mykolaiv, just north of the Black sea on the banks of the Southern Bug. MFC stands for Municipal Football Club. Links: