Du Malone writes: If you’re interested in contributing a guest post on Black Sea FM, you’re welcome to contact me via Twitter — @blackseafm — or email — blackseafm@zohomail.com.

Sweet spots

I’m interested in the following kinds of posts:

  • those concerning Football Manager (or, at a stretch, football) in the Black sea region (broadly defined)
  • those that combine FM content with topohilia
  • those that provide a view on a topic already covered here: I’m sure readers would welcome a sense of Black Sea FM becoming a place for conversations

Welcome to novices

If you’re thinking you’d like to blog about FM but am unsure that you want to commit to starting you’re own blog, you’re welcome to suggest a one-off guest post, just so you get some experience of blogging.

If you’re new to blogging, see our introductory guidance on how to write a post.


I don’t want to host music or video. It’s not what we do. We’re old-school: it’s the written word, perhaps supplemented by graphics, here.


If we publish your post, we require only a non-exclusive licence from you. In other words, you’ll be free to use your content elsewhere.

If you use visual material, such as photographs, maps, or diagrams, for which you don’t own the copyright, you must ensure that these are covered by a Creative Commons licence and that you provide the appropriate attribution — otherwise we won’t accept your post.

And no, we don’t pay for posts. You probably guessed that already, but I thought I’d remove any possibility of misunderstanding.