Welcome. I’m Du Malone and I’m the originator of this site. BlackSeaFM is devoted to the game of Football Manager (FM) as played through saves (I’m sure there’ll be more than one) located on the Black Sea coast. Think, principally, the Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish leagues.

Black Sea FM

The site comprises writing in two genres. First, ‘how-to’ writing — analytical writing designed to capture my learning from playing FM. Second, narrative writing based on my saves.

The how-to material is available via the Links page, the narratives via the Reportage blog.

The latter is brought to you in stereo. That is, it is written in two voices: my own, in reflective mode; and that of my managerial persona, Grigor Pasha.

You can make Grigor’s acquaintance on the Meet the Manager page.

Beyond the Bosphorus

Entrance to the Black Sea. Image by Basil & Tracy Brooks, generously made available under a CC BY-NC 2.0 licence.

This site’s strapline, ‘Football management beyond the Bosphorus’, has a double-meaning.

For Grisha (as Grigor Pasha is popularly known in the world of football), going beyond the Bosphorus would mean travelling westwards into the Sea of Marmara and, beyond that, the Mediterranean. This is something he rarely does: Grigor is a Black Sea man through and through.

For me, ‘beyond the Bosphorus’ means heading westwards, from the Mediterranean. The eastern Med has been the main focus on my FM adventures. Typically I have loaded the Greek, Turkish, and Israeli leagues. 

Black Sea hospitality?

In classical times, the Black Sea (or ‘cherno more’) was known as the Inhospitable Sea on account of the dangers it presented, especially to sailors.

Over time, this name was thought to be excessively off-putting, so the sea was rebranded as the opposite, namely the Hospitable Sea — a fine example of Orwellian newspeak long before Orwell.

Whether the region turns out to be hospitable or the opposite for Grisha’s nascent managerial career remains to be seen.

Curating content

Though the main emphasis of Black Sea FM lies on content origination, it also provides some content curation. It does this in the form of providing links to other blogs and occasional reblogs.

I’m also open to considering guest pots. if you’d like to explore or float an idea for a post, please see our Guest Posts page.


Football Manager (FM) is a trademark. The game is produced by Sports Interactive (SI). I have no relationship with SI, other than being a customer. The views expressed here aren’t those of SI. SI hasn’t endorsed this site in any way. The site is a way of paying tribute to excellence of their product.

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