When to stop? An FM quandary

Du Malone writes: The word is that, after five years at FC Farul Constanta, our manager Grigor Pasha's motivation is waning. They've been five good years. After three years in Liga 2, the club was promoted to Liga 1, where it's consolidated its position without difficulty. Pasha's match record reads as follows: P202; W87; D49; … Continue reading When to stop? An FM quandary

The unasked question: which vegetables would Jose Mourinho grow?

Mariya writes: I always spend some time with my half-brother, Grigor, in the inter-season. I can't see how football management is a taxing job, but somehow during the season he's always pre-occupied. This summer, Grigor doesn't have much down-time. By the time the play-offs had finished, the window for the next season (his fourth i/c … Continue reading The unasked question: which vegetables would Jose Mourinho grow?

We need to talk about goalkeepers

Grigor Pasha writes: When I took over at FC Farul Constanta, in the summer of 2019, they had two goalkeepers on their staff. The senior partner was the club captain, Vlad Mutiu. And the understudy was the promising Andrei Udeanu. I like building determined teams, so I welcomed Vlad's determination. I also welcomed his roundedness: … Continue reading We need to talk about goalkeepers

Tactical misjudgement: a case study

Grigor Pasha writes: The story has it that, just as Orpheus was about to emerge from Hades with his beloved Eurydice, he made the fatal error of turning to look backwards at her -- causing her to disappear. I think I committed a similar error with the previous blog post. The moment I decided to … Continue reading Tactical misjudgement: a case study

A personality-based scouting hack

Du Malone: In A scouting hack inspired by Brian Clough, Grigor Pasha announced that he had developed three and a half scouting hacks. He then explained one of these. Naturally, the hope was that the community would pounce on this and vehemently demand to know what the other two and a half hacks were. Unaccountably, … Continue reading A personality-based scouting hack

Where has the football manager gone?

Du Malone writes: Grigor Pasha sent me this rather bleak photo, accompanied by the following text: 'Have come here in the hope/expectation of landing a job in football management'. But, frustratingly, he forgot to tell me where 'here' is. Can anyone help?   Picture credit: Image generously made available by andrejwin under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 … Continue reading Where has the football manager gone?

Down the Danube | #1 – Starting as Unemployed

Du Malone writes: I’m delighted to see that FMathlete has resumed his ‘Down the Danube’ blog. For me, it has two points of interest, namely: (1) its geographical proximity to the Black Sea region — in fact, in this post FMathlete’s manager takes up the post at Farul Constanta, on the Black Sea coast — who knows, we may one day see our own manager, Grigor Pasha, working there; and (2) it’s well written. In addition, I was interested to read the comments on starting unemployed, an option I’ve never even experimented with. Enjoy. – and subscribe to his blog!


Hello again and welcome back to my FM20 blog series, Down the Danube. This post is coming to you much later than I initially anticipated, but real life got in the way of getting this released sooner. In case you missed the introductory blog post, you can catch up on that here.

Otherwise, here’s a quick recap for anyonee who may have forgotten the intent of this save. Down the Danube will document the life and career of Frank M. Athlete, a journeyman manager who will be working within the nine countries that the River Danube flows through (or alongside) and that are in the game. These are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine with Moldova being left out due to them not being playable in FM20. I’ve not got any specific rules about the clubs I’ll be managing and their proximity to the Danube…

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Squad development: the roundtable approach

SCENE: Football manager's office. It is an office of two halves. The half nearer the window is dominated by a tatty desk from the 1970s. On the desk are in, pending, and out trays, with paper spilling out of them. There are also various other piles of paper: from the looks of things this manager … Continue reading Squad development: the roundtable approach

One-on-ones in FM20: Against the conventional wisdom

Du Malone writes: It's clear from following many FM-based accounts on Twitter that one-on-ones -- specifically the paucity of goals resulting from them -- is widely perceived as a major problem with FM20. Evidently, and sadly, some people have even ceased to play the game because of this. I certainly don't doubt the genuineness of … Continue reading One-on-ones in FM20: Against the conventional wisdom

A fundamental decision for a football manager: reviewing the squad

Grigor Pasha writes: The arrival of the winter break found Neftochimic in third place, in one of the play-off places in the Bulgarian second tier. I hadn't expected to achieve such a lofty position. The question then was what to do about squad development. Context In most clubs that question would concern whether to strengthen … Continue reading A fundamental decision for a football manager: reviewing the squad