Down the Danube #12 – News, Social and the Not-so-Never-Ending Story

Du Malone writes: Here we reblog another post from FM Athlete’s consistently engaging ‘Down the Danube’ blog. (He’s actually travelling up the Danube, but what does it matter?) As well as continuing the narrative, he provides some thoughts on handling news and social in FM.


Welcome back to the River Danube, where after a successful spell with Bulgaria’s CSKA Sofia, Frank M. Athlete is now on the hunt for his third job as he continues his pursuit for greatness as a Football Manager.

In this episode, we’ll find out how Frank got on finding new employment, plus I’ll discuss my least favourite aspect of FM, the news and social screens, and how I’ve tried to make them more interesting to me.

This will be my last update from the Down the Danube series as I look ahead to the release of FM21 and my plans for next year. Before we go any further, I just want to say thanks for reading the blog this year and I look forward to continuing with it next year as well.

If you need a refresher on what’s happened in the save so far, you can catch up on…

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Oh me, oh my, I love that Turkey Pie

Du Malone writes: In a previous post I mentioned that, like some other bloggers, I hadn't engaged as passionately with my FM20 saves as I'd hoped -- and that I'd decided to return to FM14. And so autumn 2020 (real time) found our manager, Grigor Pasha, travelling to the small coastal town of Pazar, in … Continue reading Oh me, oh my, I love that Turkey Pie

Old Editor: Grateful For The Help And Tips

Du Malone writes: If, like me, you’ve been struggling (to the point of exasperation) with WordPress’s new editor function, various people have found workarounds. I’m reblogging this post because it links to one of them. Quite why it is that we need to be finding workarounds for a supposed improvement bemuses me. I’m coming to the view that the best long-term solution will be to avoid WordPress.


After posting about my farewells from WordPress, I received two very easy tips that so far allow me to access the old editor.

Here they are, in case they help anyone else.

1) Enter this in your browser, substituting the name the name of your blog.

It will take you to the old-style editor where you can create a post.
Then bookmark that page for future use.

2) This was sent to me by Michel.
(Click on the photos for large print)
Go to the wordpress admin page and select all posts:

Once there, go the top of your screen and press the arrow next to add new and you will see that you get the option to access the classic editor:

Once you have selected the classic editor, it’s business as usual.

I hope these help somone else. If they carry on working for me, I will be…

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Reflections on #FM20: (II) diving in

Du Malone writes: In the previous post I introduced my experience of FM20 by establishing the context. Thanks to a month or two of playing FM19 in the autumn of 2019, I arrived at FM20 with an appreciation of the benefits -- short, medium, and long term -- of the team training functionality. FM20 saves … Continue reading Reflections on #FM20: (II) diving in

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

30 May 2020. Central Stadium, Mykolaiv. Goalkeeping coach Roman Chumak is in the stand, watching the final fixture of the league campaign. There are two relegation places to be decided and four teams in danger of the drop, of which MFC Mykolaiv are one. Mykolaiv are at home to Obolon-Brewer, who have secured a place in … Continue reading Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

At last — at long, long, last — an injection of talent

Late February, 2020. Grigor Pasha, the manager of Ukrainian second-tier club MFC Mykolaiv, is sitting at home, smoking a pipe of Turkish tobacco and staring at his laptop. His sleeves are rolled up. When I arrived here in the early summer -- My! That sunlit world full of dreams appears in my mind now like … Continue reading At last — at long, long, last — an injection of talent

The Trials & Tribulations of Non League

Du Malone writes: Recently I was given the opportunity to review blog posts for Score More FM’s ‘Posts of the moment’ column. I finished the review by picking a new blog, ‘A thistle and the vale’ from JDH. I suggested it would be worth following.

Well, this opening narrative post doesn’t disappoint. I’m reblogging it here because I like the liveliness of the writing.

JDH Football Manager Blogs

Jonathan Hogan

The Scottish Football calendar has drawn to a close, and whilst many outlets will be focused on the blue half of Glasgow’s return to the mountain top, this piece will focus on a team still trudging up towards basecamp. Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, are the team I will be focussing on today and their season in the East of Scotland League Conference B.

The pre-season started in a hectic manner, with the appointment of, recently retired Lowland League journeyman, Greig Porter as Manager. Having funded himself through his coaching courses but with only a short player/manager stint at Rosyth FC, this seemed like a risky manoeuvre. This sense of risk was heightened when at his initial press conference to a single journalist he stated his coaching influences where “Bielsa, Pep and Poch” and further described himself as a “pragmatic Bielsa” (surely an oxymoron as the influential Argentine can…

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On the unintended consequences of contracts

Du Malone writes: This is the sixth of a series of posts on the theme of contracts, negotiation, and agents on FM. You decide to give your defender a hefty clean-sheet bonus. That should help: the more clean sheets we keep, the more points we're likely to accumulate. What could possibly go wrong? And you … Continue reading On the unintended consequences of contracts

Can I trust the gaffer?

13 August 2019. MFC Mykolaiv full back Roman Kunev is enjoying the evening sunshine in Shevchenka Park, ruminating: I'm glad we moved to Mykolaiv. I mean, when I was with Girnyk Sport in Horisni Plavni, life was fine. But I prefer it down by the coast. The air relaxes me. As for the club, it's … Continue reading Can I trust the gaffer?

But what about match ratings? An FM oddity

Du Malone writes: Knowledge on FM receives a predominantly postmodern treatment. Any number of stakeholders are on hand to inform you of the truth, which they often do with great confidence and certainty: yet their views conflict. You don't know who to believe. Shifting sands Your assistant manager tells you you're being over-run in midfield. … Continue reading But what about match ratings? An FM oddity