Is FM progressive?

Du Malone writes: So far as I can see, the FM community takes a generally Whiggish view of history. By that I mean, principally, that the development of the game through successive editions is seen usually in terms of progress: recent editions are perceived as better than previous ones. This view is often accompanied by … Continue reading Is FM progressive?

Attributes and scouts: a note

Du Malone writes: Gaffer Graemo has announced an upcoming episode of his FM podcast, 'The Technical Area', devoted to the question, 'Attribute masking -- yes or no?' I won't contribute to that debate here. For one thing, I suspect it comes down to personal preference (mine is 'No'); for another, I'd like to hear what … Continue reading Attributes and scouts: a note

What makes Football Manager addictive?

Du Malone writes: With FootballManager, I find it's a matter of feast or famine. Either I'm playing intensively or I'm on a weeks-long or, as now, months-long sabbatical. Addiction In the intensive periods, playing the game can come to feel addictive. Last November, for example: on three consecutive weekends I said to myself, when making … Continue reading What makes Football Manager addictive?

FM21 Touch | The Sidekick

Du Malone writes: On his Technical area podcast Gaffer Graemo has already provided a discussion of FM21 on Touch, Xbox, and mobile. Here I reblog a post from his blog in which he focuses in detail on his engagement with the Touch version.

This was just meant to be a podcast, but as I started writing the script, I felt that a blog post was needed to share what I wanted to write about. I feel that FM21 Touch has a lot going for it this year, deserving some sort of review here, allowing me to share with the community an insight into the game and also offering me an opportunity to create a story, just like I do with the full fat version of the game

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10 reasons I’m enjoying managing in Turkey

Du Malone writes: Since autumn 2019 I've been following a Black Sea strategy on FM. My manager, Grigor Pasha, has worked clockwise around the coast, managing teams in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine, before skipping on to Pazarspor in Turkey. To date, he's been in post for 2779 days and we've both been enjoying the experience … Continue reading 10 reasons I’m enjoying managing in Turkey

Learning from FM blogs: custom views

Du Malone writes: In recent weeks I've been reviewing my collation of FM content, asking myself which pieces have had the greatest effect on the way that I play. Here I focus on a pair of posts by FMStag on Dictate the Game, in which he shows how to make playing FM less arduous by … Continue reading Learning from FM blogs: custom views

While we wait for FM21: a constructive approach

Du Malone writes: Now that the publication date for FM21 has been announced, I looked back to see how I was writing at a similar stage last year. Below is the text of a blog post from that time. I find that my thinking hasn't changed: I believe now, as then, that this time of … Continue reading While we wait for FM21: a constructive approach

Why we play video games and what they can do for us

Du Malone writes: My experience of video games is very narrow. I've played a few in-game seasons of Cricket Captain and a few hours of a shipping game called TransOcean. That's all -- except for Football Manager (FM), which is a different story. What my experience lacks in terms of breadth, FM makes up for … Continue reading Why we play video games and what they can do for us

Music and FM: my failure in Ukraine

Du Malone writes: In Music for #FM20 I sought to identify suitable music for listening whilst playing my Black Sea saves. The selections worked for me -- but that was months ago and it's time to refresh. Since I am now beginning an MFC Mykolaiv save, I decided to take the opportunity to search for … Continue reading Music and FM: my failure in Ukraine