Tactics Through Time: Sheffield United 5-3-2

Du Malone writes: I nominate this post by Alex Parkin as an instant classic. Much if the best writing about FM explores, as this post does, the interface between FM and football ITRW. The post is also very fluently written. Great stuff.

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Hello and welcome to another tactics through time post! It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these so I thought I’d focus on a tactic that was a little less historical and a little more personal to me as I’ve wanted to try and look at this one in depth for quite some time. If you want to look at other formations I’ve tried to recreate in the past you can do so here.

So what tactic is it?


I remember the 8th of May 2016 well. Sheffield United had just suffered an insipid 2-0 home defeat to Scunthorpe United to consign the Blades to 11th in the table, our lowest league position since 1988-9. Our dreams of making the play offs had gone up in smoke a few weeks earlier after failing to beat Barnsley and results had nosedived since.

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At full time the squad…

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Player acquisition on #FM20: applying Arrigo Sacchi’s approach

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Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan: an approach to FM20

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One-on-ones in FM20: Against the conventional wisdom

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It’s not all down to you: managerial reaction to performance on #FM20 and ITRW

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The RE-Builders of Pripyat: A Valeriy Lobanovskiy tactical recreation

Du Malone writes: For its blend of football history, tactics, and FM, I hereby designate this post, reblogged from FM Eadster, as an instant classic.


Little more than nine days after the disaster at Chernobyl, with radioactive isotopes still falling across Western Europe, Soviet Cup Winners, Dynamo Kyiv lined up to play Spanish giants Atlético Madrid in the final of the Cup Winners Cup in Lyon. Kyiv sits only 100Km to the south of Chernobyl and the Kyiv youth sides, including a nine-year-old Andriy Schevchenko, had already been evacuated to a camp near the Black Sea.

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