Blog posts on formations: some links

Du Malone writes: Over the last year or so I've been collating links to FM content (principally blog posts) that I've particularly liked. Some of these are tactical posts focusing on formations. Here are some examples. 5 at the back: First Touch FM 4 at the back: FM Eadster on 4-4-2: Score More … Continue reading Blog posts on formations: some links

The Trials & Tribulations of Non League

Du Malone writes: Recently I was given the opportunity to review blog posts for Score More FM’s ‘Posts of the moment’ column. I finished the review by picking a new blog, ‘A thistle and the vale’ from JDH. I suggested it would be worth following.

Well, this opening narrative post doesn’t disappoint. I’m reblogging it here because I like the liveliness of the writing.

JDH Football Manager Blogs

Jonathan Hogan

The Scottish Football calendar has drawn to a close, and whilst many outlets will be focused on the blue half of Glasgow’s return to the mountain top, this piece will focus on a team still trudging up towards basecamp. Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, are the team I will be focussing on today and their season in the East of Scotland League Conference B.

The pre-season started in a hectic manner, with the appointment of, recently retired Lowland League journeyman, Greig Porter as Manager. Having funded himself through his coaching courses but with only a short player/manager stint at Rosyth FC, this seemed like a risky manoeuvre. This sense of risk was heightened when at his initial press conference to a single journalist he stated his coaching influences where “Bielsa, Pep and Poch” and further described himself as a “pragmatic Bielsa” (surely an oxymoron as the influential Argentine can…

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FM Content Creation: A few thoughts

Du Malone writes: I’m reblogging this post by Rock End’s FM because I found it fascinating to read. It strikes me as both a reflective and expressive piece, touching on many themes of importance.

Rock's End FM

Hello guys. Today I meant to release Chapter 6 of the Livorno Series, but after what’s been the most read post on this blog’s history and due to some thinking I’ve doing on what that means, I wanted to share a few thoughts on my motivation for starting this blog and FM content creation as a whole.

I really enjoyed writing the Lessons series, and it being a big success (in terms relative to this blog, of course) truly warmed my heart. As writer and journalist it made me happy that going a bit outside the tried and trusted formulas was received so well. I’m not saying anything new, of course; every day some motivational speaker is telling some hopeful creator to think ourside the box, to come up with something new. But as any writer, singer, painter, designer, etc. will tell you, it’s not that easy not is it…

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FK Mačva Šabac: 2025/26: Top Dogs

Du Malone writes: Not for the first time, I’m pleased to reblog a post from From Eleven, One’s Macva Sabac series. I like to keep abreast of eastern/central European saves. The Macva Sabac save is outstandingly successful and From Eleven, One always writes with verve and concision.

From Eleven, One

Welcome back to Serbia! Last season was weird, although we still retained our hold on Serbia domestically, despite a bizarre epidemic of draws.

This year we’re looking to draw fewer games increase the gap between us and the rest of Serbia, and continue our slow build towards becoming more relevant in Europe.

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FM, Toulouse, and creative writing: Score More FM reveals all

Du Malone writes: On our Other blogs page I provide links to those blogs I particularly enjoy reading. One of the categories I use there is 'blogs that exhibit fine writing'. Listed there you'll find Score More FM, whose Toulouse story I've been particularly enjoying. I'm delighted, therefore, to publish an interview with the author. … Continue reading FM, Toulouse, and creative writing: Score More FM reveals all

What Makes You Tick?

Du Malone writes: I’m reblogging this post because think it’s engaging when an FM blogger uses narrative form to explore issues in the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and also follow the links that the author has provided at the end.

Score More (FM)

Part 1 – Getting to know the team

It´s officially my first day on the job. I had planned out my vision for the team.I had watched hours upon hours of videos from Toulouse´s previous season to have a better idea of what I should find waiting for me. Nothing is like the first training sessions to get a better idea though. To get a better idea of the team and how the dynamics work, I followed Ancelotti´s example. In the beginning, the maestro stays in the background, doing nothing but observing. (You can learn more from him in his book Quiet Leadership, among others.)

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FK Mačva Šabac: 2023/24: Part Two

Du Malone writes: Here on the Black Sea I have a fondness for FM blogs set in eastern/central Europe, especially if they’re well written. In my opinion, the Macva Sabac blog meets the criteria. That’s why I’ve included it in our list of favourites.

I’m also attracted by the fact that the author, From eleven, one, thinks in what I’ve called a 360-degree way, rather than focusing exclusively on the popular trinity of players, tactics, and transfers.

I’ve reblogged posts from this story before and reblog this one because I like the way it’s organised. Some bloggers present their players in a blow-by-blow way. I like the way that this post is selective, organising the presentation around ‘concepts’.

From Eleven, One

Welcome back to Serbia! It’s taken a little longer than you (and I) may have expected, but season five continues on today.

As promised I’ll be taking a look at a few individual players today, but first I’ll do a quick run through of the results that take us to the January transfer window, something else which I’ll get to towards the end of this post…

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From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the Georgian fifth tier via courthouse in Seattle: the Seattle Red #FM20 interview

Image credit: 'The daily commute' © FM manager Seattle Red Du Malone writes: I was first attracted towards Seattle Red's  work by the evocative black-and-white photograph that heads the From the Cheap Seats website that he runs. And then I was further attracted by the quality of his own writing on that site. My interest … Continue reading From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the Georgian fifth tier via courthouse in Seattle: the Seattle Red #FM20 interview

When It Just Isn’t Working…

Du Malone writes: On our Links page we have links to a couple of posts on what to do when you’re in a crisis. This post, which we reblog from The Tactical Annals, isn’t quite that. Rather it’s about what to do when you start off and find that performances are mediocre.

Football Manager 2020 - game artworks at Riot PixelsYes, I am back on Football Manager, finally. After my much documented (if you follow me on Twitter (@JLAspey) technical problems with my laptop I have eventually been able to afford a new laptop – thanks to all who helped me pick one – and given our current existence of lockdown and me working from home as a teacher, I’ve had plenty of time to get back into FM20. Despite that, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been easy, but more on that later. Before I continue, I do want to plug “The Italian Job”, a new Twitch series I’m doing with my good friends @watadam20 and @turntostone_ as we manage in Italy Image result for italy flag gif *insert Gazzetta theme*. I’m managing Sampdoria, and keep up with my Twitter for more info about when we’ll stream etc.

Anyway, back to my exploits since returning to FM20. My save is with Torpedo Zhodino…

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FK Mačva Šabac: 2022/23: Great Expectations

Du Malone writes: Again I’m pleased to reblog a post from From Eleven, One about his save in Serbia. Us Balkan-based FMers need to support each other. I do like the way that he writes with a spring in his step.

From Eleven, One

Welcome back to Serbia! Last time out, I spent more time than ever putting a totally fool-proof plan together. Today we’ll cover the fact that I’ve assembled the best looking squad I’ve had thus far, and given my own FM history, the fact it’s taken me more than a month to update you must be a good sign, right?

As the season took me so long to play (and write), I’m going to power through the whole thing in one hit today. Fear not, I’ll be keeping the word count well under control.

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