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Du Malone writes: On his Technical area podcast Gaffer Graemo has already provided a discussion of FM21 on Touch, Xbox, and mobile. Here I reblog a post from his blog in which he focuses in detail on his engagement with the Touch version.

This was just meant to be a podcast, but as I started writing the script, I felt that a blog post was needed to share what I wanted to write about. I feel that FM21 Touch has a lot going for it this year, deserving some sort of review here, allowing me to share with the community an insight into the game and also offering me an opportunity to create a story, just like I do with the full fat version of the game

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The hegemony of tactics

  Tactics, tactics, everywhere! Tactics form a staple, indeed central, topic in FM content. In this blog, I've pursued an alternative. My aim has been, not to avoid tactics altogether, but to downplay the topic and shift the emphasis onto other aspects of FM. Three reasons lie behind this stance: for readers who wish to … Continue reading The hegemony of tactics

Thinking about personality: beyond good and evil

Du Malone writes: There's a natural tendency, when thinking about personality on FM, to adopt a Manichean mentality, seeking to divide personality types into those that are good and those that are bad. There is, I think, some truth in this. Take, for example, the mercifully rare 'spineless' type. I haven't managed to think of … Continue reading Thinking about personality: beyond good and evil

Thoughts on playing with or against 10 men

Du Malone writes: Had I planned this post I would have collected data, as I went along, from matches in which there was a sending-off. But I've only just thought of it -- so what follows is based on good ole non-numerical observation and reflection. Red card for the opposition I do make some effort … Continue reading Thoughts on playing with or against 10 men

10 reasons I’m enjoying managing in Turkey

Du Malone writes: Since autumn 2019 I've been following a Black Sea strategy on FM. My manager, Grigor Pasha, has worked clockwise around the coast, managing teams in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine, before skipping on to Pazarspor in Turkey. To date, he's been in post for 2779 days and we've both been enjoying the experience … Continue reading 10 reasons I’m enjoying managing in Turkey

Learning from FM blogs: custom views

Du Malone writes: In recent weeks I've been reviewing my collation of FM content, asking myself which pieces have had the greatest effect on the way that I play. Here I focus on a pair of posts by FMStag on Dictate the Game, in which he shows how to make playing FM less arduous by … Continue reading Learning from FM blogs: custom views

Down the Danube #12 – News, Social and the Not-so-Never-Ending Story

Du Malone writes: Here we reblog another post from FM Athlete’s consistently engaging ‘Down the Danube’ blog. (He’s actually travelling up the Danube, but what does it matter?) As well as continuing the narrative, he provides some thoughts on handling news and social in FM.


Welcome back to the River Danube, where after a successful spell with Bulgaria’s CSKA Sofia, Frank M. Athlete is now on the hunt for his third job as he continues his pursuit for greatness as a Football Manager.

In this episode, we’ll find out how Frank got on finding new employment, plus I’ll discuss my least favourite aspect of FM, the news and social screens, and how I’ve tried to make them more interesting to me.

This will be my last update from the Down the Danube series as I look ahead to the release of FM21 and my plans for next year. Before we go any further, I just want to say thanks for reading the blog this year and I look forward to continuing with it next year as well.

If you need a refresher on what’s happened in the save so far, you can catch up on…

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Playing FM when it all goes wrong

Du Malone writes: The shelves of the business sections of bookshops and libraries are crammed with books telling the stories of successful ventures. There are far fewer volumes on failure. I understand why people like to broadcast their successes. And don't knock it: such writing can make for inspiring reading. But I find if you … Continue reading Playing FM when it all goes wrong

Blog posts on formations: some links

Du Malone writes: Over the last year or so I've been collating links to FM content (principally blog posts) that I've particularly liked. Some of these are tactical posts focusing on formations. Here are some examples. 5 at the back: First Touch FM 4 at the back: FM Eadster on 4-4-2: Score More … Continue reading Blog posts on formations: some links

Learning from FM blogs: (II) Hitting the net

Du Malone writes: Recently I've been reviewing my collection of the blog posts that I've particularly liked -- the list of links is here -- and reflecting on the question, 'Out of all this fine content, which contributions have most affected the way I actually play?' In my previous post I highlighted a couple of … Continue reading Learning from FM blogs: (II) Hitting the net