Du Malone writes: The shelves of the business sections of bookshops and libraries are crammed with books telling the stories of successful ventures.

There are far fewer volumes on failure.

I understand why people like to broadcast their successes. And don’t knock it: such writing can make for inspiring reading.

But I find if you ask a business owner, ‘Which would you rather hear about: the secrets of success or how to avoid failure?’, many will choose the latter. Generally businesses afford to overlook opportunities more than we can risks.

It’s the same with FM blogs. There’s no shortage of stories about taking some non-league team to European glory. And they too can be inspiring.

But the posts that make me really sit up and take notice are the ones that deal with the tough times. I find I rather admire writers who explore such matters. And I appreciate the help they give on how to avoid pitfalls or climb out of them

Here are my favorite examples, including a recent post by Chris Fuller:




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