Du Malone writes: This post is the tenth in a series on contracts in FM.

Do you grow all your own food? And make all your own clothes?

For most people, the answer will be No. Which is an indication that (a) they benefit from the services of intermediaries (for example, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers) and (b) acknowledge the fact, by handing over the dosh.

If this is the case, the implication is that we should refrain from the mindless mantra about agents, as intermediaries, being mere ‘parasites’ who do nothing except ‘take money out of the game’.

We should at least entertain the possibility that agents perform a function.

One such function is the ability to turn on or off the talent pipeline.

When you are negotiating a deal that involves an agent, bear in mind that there may be future possible deals involving the same agent. They may represent players already at your club or players who you may wish to sign.

To get a handle on that, take a look through the lists of players represented by each agent. Do they represent any other players at your club? Do they represent any other players you’re interested in? Do they represent the type or level of players you like to acquire?

Such lists must be amongst the most under-appreciated, under-utilised, pages on FM. Some people seem to believe that such lists appear on the game purely to provide verisimilitude.

If you can get the agent onside, you can get the talent pipeline to flow. And the best way to grease the tap, so that the pipeline begins to flow, is with cash.


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Image credit: ‘Contracts’ by Credit Score Guide, generously made available under a CC BY 2.0 licence.

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