Du Malone writes: This post is the seventh of an extended series on the topic of contracts in FM.

The post is designed to make explicit a theme that is implicit through much of this series.

When you’re negotiating terms with a player or member of staff, you can sometimes get trapped in a zero-sum struggle. You want one thing, they want the opposite and there may be no compromise acceptable to both parties. In this situation, negotiations become stymied.

But by no means all negotiating situations are like that. Often it’s possible to propose an amendment that would work to both parties’ advantage. That is, there can be win-wins.

For example, your poacher wants better terms than you’re offering. You consider raising his goal bonus. This might do the trick from the player’s point of view by making the overall value of the deal acceptable.

But it might also help you. If the incentive this offers leads to the player scoring more, it will help you to pick up league points or progress in cup competitions. This is a good thing in itself. It may also be, at least to a degree, self-financing.

Goals lead to success on the pitch, which leads to earnings in the form of prize money, corporate and sponsorship revenue and, perhaps, television revenue.

The key message is to look for win-wins.


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Next up: Working with the bias of agents

Image credit: ‘Contract key’ generously made available by CreditDebitPro under a CC BY 2.0 licence.



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