Central Stadium, Mykolaiv. Early afternoon, 23 November 2020.

SUPPORTER I: So I wonder who will be in charge for our next game, after the winter break.

SUPPORTER II: You don’t think Pasha can survive?

SUPPORTER I: Over 3 months since we last won. 5 points out of a possible 33. Why’s he still here? Utterly useless. It’s not just the results. He’s bereft of ideas. The same tactics, over and over. Same tactics, same result.

SUPPORTER II: Although, to be fair, in the last match he switched to a narrow 4-3-3 and we looked a lot better.

24 May 20 4-3-3

SUPPORTER I: And what was the result? Lost the South Ukraine derby [Editor: vs Chernomorets].

And don’t get me started on ‘narrow 4-3-3’. Kick and rush, Sunday League style, circa 1968.

SUPPORTER II: Well, as I say, we looked better, even though we lost. We need to get behind them to day and hope we go into the break with a win.

SUPPORTER I: Win? With that joker in charge? Pasha doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. I’ll tell you what, if we beat Girnyk today, the drinks are on me.

[SUPPORTER II tries, unsuccessfully. to look hopeful.]


Image credit: Vultures by MajJar (generously made available under a CC BY-NC 2.0 licence.

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