Du Malone writes: This is to introduce a series of posts on what I believe to be a neglected subject, namely contracts.

Outside FM

ITRW my work has, for decades, involved the negotiation of contracts. Most have been small beer. And, for the most part, their negotiation has been routine.

Every now and then, though, I’ve been involved in contracts that are higher level or more intricate.

Inside FM

I have tried to apply to FM what I have learnt about contracts IRL.

This has revealed an interesting — and, to my mind, impressive — aspect of FM. We’re all aware of the high degree of verisimilitude achieved by FM. What thinking about contracts has brought home to me is that this verisimilitude extends to the business of contracts.

Often the parties behave on FM much as they would ITRW. This means there’s an opportunity here to apply your real-world knowledge to contract negotiation in FM.

The series

The series will consist of a dozen or so posts — most of them short, some of them very short — organised into four sections, namely:

I. Contracts in general

II. Contract negotiation

III. Specific components of contracts

IV Agents

Next up: Approaching contracts


Image credit: ‘Contracts’ by Credit Score Guide, generously made available under a CC BY 2.0 licence.

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