Du Malone writes: On our Other blogs page I provide links to those blogs I particularly enjoy reading. One of the categories I use there is ‘blogs that exhibit fine writing’. Listed there you’ll find Score More FM, whose Toulouse story I’ve been particularly enjoying.

I’m delighted, therefore, to publish an interview with the author.


  1. Before we focus on FM, I’d be interested to hear about your involvement, in whatever role, with non-virtual football…
I used to play for my local team, first as full-back with the youth teams and then moved into midfield. Level of football here isn´t much better than Sunday League though, so that´s not much.

I then coached U8s for some time but stopped when I had to choose between football and other life responsibilities.

  1. What’s the story of you ‘coming to FM’?
I was walking back home after a football game with friends when one of my friends asked me if I had heard of Championship Manager. He had read about it on an online forum but never played it himself.

What he said intrigued me enough that a week later I had bought my first game: CM 97/98. The fact that I still remember these details from so many years ago shows how much of an impact the game had on me.

  1. If we were watching you play FM, what would we see?
My laptop and some free time is enough for me to be happily playing FM. I used to have a notebook and something to write with but have since migrated to Word and Excel.
  1. How would you describe your brand of FM management?

FM turns me into a perfectionist. I spend hours looking for the perfect player, especially if he is key to my team. I watch games on comprehensive, sometimes full until I´m happy with my tactics. I analyse player, team and match stats to see what I can improve. I used to delegate general training but am now delving in it.

At the moment, the only thing I have delegated is sending coaches on courses. It takes AGES to play like this, but I love it.

  1. How do you select a save?
Always a team which requires some type of building up, if not overhaul. But apart from that it varies a lot.

My current save (Toulouse) won because they were bottom IRL and because we were planning a family holiday there.

  1. For readers who don’t yet know your work, what kinds of content do you create?
Mostly narrative that includes aspects of the game and insights into it.

I have done some other work like spreadsheets and tactics.

Basically, if something takes my fancy, it will stay turning around in my head until it gets written down. I have quite a number of those at the moment.

  1. How do you go about writing?
Very often it starts with inspiration. I would be doing the dishes, exercising or something and an idea pops up in my head.

Sometimes I start writing a post and it turns into something completely different.

After that first draft is ready, I wait a day or two, read it again and do the necessary editing/re-writing. Then I do the graphics and finally read it again for some last changes before publishing. It takes me 3 to 4 sessions from the first draft till the finished product.

I always have in mind a particular day or mind when I think it would reach the most people upon publishing, but I can never resist the urge to just hit publish as soon as I’m happy with the final product.

  1. What kind of enjoyment do you derive from creating content?
I don´t really like the graphics part as I´m not very artsy and I´m not good at it either. But I love writing, getting into the story and the interaction with other FMers.

Sometimes I end up not playing any FM for days or a couple of weeks because my time is taken up by blogging, but I enjoy content creation as much as I enjoy playing FM.

  1. As a reader I’m attracted to your blog not only because of the content, but also because of the quality of the writing. That suggests to me that you’ve done plenty of writing previously/elsewhere. What’s your back-story as a writer?
Writing has been a part of me for a very long time. At first it was something which I just enjoyed doing. I had training in languages and translating but never creative writing per se.

Now I am learning more about creative writing and use my blog to try out what I learn and discover my writing style. It is something which I aim to develop though.

  1. What plans for the future do you have?
At the moment my aims are simple: keep enjoying what I´m doing, keep learning and improving (both in FM terms and blogging). I have some ideas for both saves and website, but these depend on me having more time for these things, something which I do not foresee happening in the coming year.
  1. What else should I have asked you?
I think I have already said a lot as it is. So, although there´s always more to say, I think I´d better stop here. Thank you for this interview as well as for your great website. And thank you for reading.


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