Time and date: late morning, 27 May 2019.

Place: the manager’s office in MFC Mykolaiv’s Central Stadium.

New manager Grigor Pasha is thinking: Hmm, we have a Director of Football (DoF), Yuriy Chaus.

I don’t really want a DoF. I’m not really the delegating type. There’s no way I’m letting him, or any other members of staff, anywhere near recruitment or contract decisions.

On the other hand, he looks a good football man.

Our B squad already has a manager in place — rather a good one it seems. All I really need from him is the discipline and man management to run a tight ship while we seek to sell, or loan, the players — all of them inadequate — in his squad. But we don’t have a manager for the U21s.

Again, what I need is discipline and man management — for the same reason. By the sounds of things, Yuriy can give me that.

And if we ever decide to put out U19 or U18 teams, despite having collapsed those squads, Yuriy can handle those too. It will keep him busy, keep his mind off the fact that he’s not doing those things that presumably attract people into the DoF role.

Ideally he’d also be good at working with young players. By all accounts, though, that’s not one of his strengths. In fact, to be candid, he’s reputed to be terrible at it. But that’s not something that concerns me: after all, the youngsters he’ll be responsible for are those I deem without potential, so their development matters little.

If he’s as useless with youngsters as he’s reputed to be, perhaps that’ll make them keener to get out the door.

I’m minded also to give him responsibility to make decisions over staff development causes. He looks pretty status-conscious to me: I noticed he has ‘The Director’ on the his door and when I glimpsed him down the corridor he was wearing what looked like a classy suit and tie. I’m hoping that fiddling around with courses for coaching qualifications will help him to sustain the executive image.




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