Du Malone writes: In my recent post about blog writing, I drew attention to the central question for bloggers of whether to write in role.

In that post I made the assumption that writing in role entailed writing as if you were a football manager.

But researching this topic has reminded me that bloggers do sometimes choose to write in role, but not as a manager.


Writing in roles besides that of the manager is, I think, quite rare. But it isn’t unheard of.

A good example comes from The Hairdryer Treatment’s account of his Crvena Zvezda save.

For the most part the account is written (entertainingly, it should be said) in the third person. But in one post the Hairdryer Treatment chooses to write in role as a journalist (specifically as a reporter from The Belgrade Times.

The post is here: https://fmhairdryer.wordpress.com/2019/12/14/season-one-mid-season-update/.

Another example comes from Score More FM, here: https://scoremorefm.wordpress.com/2020/05/03/is-scoremore-out-of-his-depth/. In that post he writes from two perspectives, namely that of the manager and his assistant.


I have two reactions to such posts. First, such inventiveness is surely welcome. It freshens things up.

Second, they open up possibilities. Specifically, this approach provides a way of bringing in the voices of other stakeholders. For example, backroom staff, players, agents, owners and directors, supporters, and match officials.

Though I’ve previously written a series of posts about stakeholders (for example, ‘You’ve probably been thinking about agents all wrong‘, in the ‘stakeholder management’ category of posts), it never occurred to me to let these stakeholders speak in the first person.

But thanks to nudges from bloggers such as The Hairdryer Treatment, that’s what I’ll be attempting from now on.

PS: I’m certain that, over the years, I’ve read examples of posts written from other angles. Unfortunately they’ve slipped my ageing mind. If any readers are able to volunteer examples, I’d be pleased to hear from you.


5 thoughts on “Let the people speak: a fresh approach to blogging about FM

    1. Thank you, As it happens, I’ve just read your post. I like it very much indeed: entertaining writing. When I’ll can find a moment, I’ll add a link from this post.

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      1. Thanks. Have now incorporated your post. Thanks fro the comment: I’m no longer sure which interests me more – generating my own content or collating other people’s. Lots of good stuff around!

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