Du Malone writes: FM20 has introduced the notion of a club vision, in which the board sets out its expectations for the next few years.

The vision isn’t set in stone: it is liable to change and, in my experience at least, in fact tends to change a good deal.

So far as I can judge, from comments on podcasts and the blogosphere, the innovation has been well received. This has surprised me a little: evidently FMers tend to be less disconcerted than I am by the sense of shifting sands that can arise when the vision changes.

The advent of the club vision has set me thinking: why not a save vision?

Whither Black Sea FM?

I have already developed a vision for the multiple saves that I plan to undertake during FM20. Essentially my plan is to voyage, through a series of saves each beginning in 2019, in clockwise fashion around the Black Sea, managing at least one club from each of the following nations: Bulgaria; Romania; Ukraine; Russia; Georgia; and Turkey.

Now I have been wondering; what about future editions of FM?

The first idea that came to mind was to do the same trip in reverse (i.e., anti-clockwise), bringing in those clubs (for example, Ludogorets) that I missed out in FM19.

But that idea didn’t exactly set the pulse racing, so I figured: if boards are free to change their visions, so am I.

Towards FM23

So this is what I’ve come up with:

  • FM21: the hinterland. Clubs from towns and cities that aren’t actually on the Black Sea but which are close to it and belong to the Black Sea region. Think Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, and the Istanbul clubs. I reserve too the right, inspired by the historic example of the Varangians, to move along the great rivers that flow into the Black Sea. Think especially the Dneiper.
  • FM22: contiguous regions. The principal candidates comprise:
    • adjacent Balkan nations (Greece and Serbia);
    • what I will call the ‘intermarium’, which for my purposes will include the following additional nations: Moldova; Belarus; and Poland
    • the Caucasus, which will for my purposes will require the addition of Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • FM23: the big one. The hipster option. The one that makes me dizzy with excitement. The LSD of FM. THE CASPIAN! FM’s wild, wild east. Think, in addition to Russian and Azerbaijan, of the following: Iran; Turkmenistan; and Kazakhstan — assuming, of course, that I can find the requisite leagues on the Steam workshop.


Image credit: map from “La Terra, trattato popolare di geografia universale per G. Marinelli ed altri scienziati italiani, etc. [With illustrations and maps.]” (1898). Author —  MARINELLI, Giovanni) . Made available online by the British Library.




2 thoughts on “Now that we have club visions, why not save visions?

  1. I’m loving my time in Georgia and will definitely be back. I suspect that other “smaller,” atypical nations in the region would be good fun as well.


    1. Thanks. I had a brief look at Georgia (the clubs on the coast) at the tail-end of FM19, just to see how it looked. Thought it looked my kind of league, so am looking forward to arriving there.


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