Grigor Pasha writes: Here are some key features of the context in which I have begun to manage Farul Constanta in the Romanian Second League:

  1. we have virtually no spare budget for wages (or transfers);
  2. we have no scouts;
  3. it’s 27 May;
  4. the players return fro training in late June.

Go online, there are numerous pieces of advice telling me that I should be conducting a detailed squad assessment and advising me how to do so (Editor’s note: We’ve even provided links to some of the best).

To do so, however, would be a complete waste of time. Or, more precisely, a waste of time at this stage.

Rationale: pragmatism

The reason? Well, it follows from my points above concerning context that we can’t scout, we can’t bring players in, and nobody’s doing any training.

Moreover the rule here is that I can’t return any loanees to their clubs, should I want to, until 28 days have elapsed. And as for players on permanent contracts: well, in every single case their contracts came into effect today, so it’s unlikely that they will be looking to move or even willing to do so.

And in any case the window’s not yet open, so interest from clubs is muted. In fact, I can discern no interest in our players whatsoever.

So I could do all the initial assessment I want: it wouldn’t make any difference.

The only point I can see in making any kind of assessment is that, I can derive a broad indication of the style of football we might end up playing — or, more particularly, work out how we won’t be playing — that will help me decide which staff to appoint.

For example, there’s little point bringing in an expert in tippy-tappy if we’re going to be playing a long ball game.

Rapid assessment

So I need to do little more than glance at the player database. A cluster of salient points emerge, more or less immediately:

  • in terms of wide positions (RM; AM(R); LM; AM(L) we have very little, except in the AM(R) area, where we are pretty well stocked in terms of both quantity and quality
  • there’s not much else in the AM line

I conclude that any linkage between the forwards and central midfield will be limited. Which means we’re unlikely to be relying on short passing.

This leads me to have a quick look at the strikers.

Ah, no: we don’t really have any strong target men. So we won’t be playing the opposite — a pure long ball game — either.

And that concludes our initial squad assessment. Now I can turn to what I really came in to do today: appoint staff.


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