Du Malone writes: I’m drawn to this blog in part because I’m interested in FM blogs that exhibit a sense of topophilia — especially in eastern Europe. I also like those that are stylishly expressed. In my opinion, this blog ticks both boxes. It is also somewhat edgy: nobody could accuse FM Hairdryer of playing safe! I’m not sure, though, that ‘playing a straight bat’ is a Serbian idiom.

The Hairdryer Treatment

Controversy Reigns Supreme as Smoje Takes Charge

June 4 2019, 12:43 PM,EuroSports.com

Strife and turmoil seem to be headed in abundance towards the famed Marakana as there seems to be no end to the controversy surrounding the new managerial appointment. President Svetozar Mijailovic, already under under heavy criticism from multiple quarters, for handpicking a Croat to take over the reigns of the biggest football club in Serbia, would have been hoping for the new manager’s 1st rendezvous with the press to be a smooth and tepid affair. To his horror, one would presume, that was hardly the case.

Andrej Smoje began well enough. There were the expected platitudes to the great club he was joining and humble graciousness towards the President for providing him with the incredible opportunity. Perfectly straight bat answers to the routine questions which were raised towards him. Truth be told, the man looked visibly excited and…

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