Grigor Pasha writes: In a previous post I outlined our predicament at left back. Essentially we had three candidates — Zemyarksi, Ali, and Dimov — none of them close to ideal.

Well, now we’ve reached the winter break and I reflect on the situation, I realise we’ve reached a resolution of sorts. I can best represent the situation with the phrase, ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’.

The Good is the boy Zemyarksi. He trains very well. And that, combined with plenty of game time (including 8 starts) has seen improvements in his game, especially in such areas as speed, decision-making, anticipation, and positioning.

The Bad is Dzhenyut Ali. He isn’t really a bad footballer, but he’s not a great full back — especially on the left (he’s right-footed). If only he didn’t switch off during the games. I’ve concluded that he’s a utility man — one best kept some distance from his own goal.

The Ugly is Dimov. Life for Dimov is evidently a sequence of play-badly, refuse-to-accept that-he’s-played-badly, train-poorly, refuse-to- accept… you get the idea.

Predictably the offer of a mutual termination precipitated a sulk.

Apparently he was worried that no other club was showing interest — though evidently it’s never crossed his mind why that might be.

Anyhow, when the window opened I put him on the market. Though nobody wanted to buy him, there was some loan interest, so he’ll be playing the rest of the season at Dunarea Calarasi.

The fact that sounds like a form of venereal disease seems somehow appropriate.

Strangely enough, our contract with the club doesn’t permit the loan to be terminated. The door is firmly shut.

Unfortunately there was no way to extend Zamyarski’s loan with us, though we do have him until the end of the season. After that he’ll be joining Cluj in the Romanian First League.

I like to do think we’ve done our bit to help Zammo progress and that this won’t be lost on other clubs considering loan partners.

A senior affiliate would be nice, though evidently finding one is beyond the board’s capabilities.


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