17 Nov 19 Nefto manager
Grigor Pasha

Grigor Pasha writes: It is natural that I should feel an affinity for the Black sea: I was born on it, during a ferry crossing; I’ve worked on it, in the merchant navy; and I’ve lived and worked beside it, as a player, a security ‘consultant’, and now as a manager.

My affinity for the Black Sea has led to a concern on my part for its ecology. And one thing I’ve learned from becoming involved, to the extent that time allows (which is not very much), in the environmental movement is the importance of stakeholder management.

We need to ask ourselves who has a stake in our projects:

  • who are we influenced by?
  • who do we influence?

So now that I have my feet under the table at Neftochimic 1962 — and the humiliating defeat in the cup at the hands of Chernomorets 1919 Burgas hasn’t provoked a  summons from the board — I propose to adopt this perspective in my management of the club.

I’ve made a start, simply by listing in the notebook that goes everywhere with me (I’m not one of those posy LVG iPad types) as many groups of stakeholders as I could think of.

The list ran as follows:

  • staff
  • players (and their families)
  • former players and staff
  • club directors/owners/investors
  • sponsors
  • football authorities (e.g., the Bulgarian league and Football Association)
  • match officials
  • agents
  • affiliates (which in our case we have not got)
  • other clubs
  • the media
  • the community (Burgas)
  • the natural environment

I realise now I forgot the fans.

Don’t read anything into that omission: I mean I told the press that the fans were the ‘life and soul’ of the club, didn’t I?

Now the task is to consider each group of stakeholders in turn and consider what my policy towards them will be.

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