Grigor Pasha writes: In my previous post I explained that we had an urgent need to get some players out the door so that we could bring in enough U21-trained-for-at-least-3-years-in-Bulgaria-whilst-aged-15-21 to be confident we could meet the league’s match day rules.


We put four players on the market. After that I hardly dare log on to my email, so convinced was I that the chairman would have sent me a ‘No offers for four players’ message.

But, praise be, he managed to get them out: two as transfers and two as 100% loans. Who needs a Director of Football, eh?


The next task was to get the requisite players in. Bulgaria isn’t awash with loan options.

The good thing is that Mr Adzhiev did his work so quickly that I was able to make offers for loanees before they had been grabbed by other clubs.

I was cock-a-hoop with the quality, by the way. I think of our incomers as our silver generation.

SILVER Chernov

SILVER Rabotov.jpg

SILVER penul


Silver thingy


Of course, such an influx of players will cause some instability in the squad. And some of the senior players will find they’re not getting as much game time as they’d expected.

But I think we can’t avoid that. I’ll just have to find a way to manage the situation.




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