Grigor Pasha writes: It’s a relief to be able to confirm the news: I’ve been appointed manager of Neftochimic 1962.

Rumours have been circulating, ever since a photo emerged, a few hours before the embargo time, of me in the changing room at the Efbet Arena in Burgas.

I don’t know how that photo got into the public domain.

I guess some of Nefto’s older supporters will remember my playing days. If so, they’ll be hoping that I can keep their club at a higher level than I ever played at myself. They’re in the second tier.

To the rest of the Bulgarian public I dare say I’m unknown.

During the formalities the Chairman, Zhivko Avdzhiev, did ask me to commit to the club vision, which included the expectation that we’ll finish the 2019-20 season top-half.

I’d been expecting this moment and had practised my response in the mirror many times, so that when I said ‘That seems very realistic to me” it wouldn’t betray the voice in my head that was saying, “With this squad? With me in charge? No, mate: no chance!”

I think I got away with it.



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