Grigor Pasha writes: My method for getting the players fit, pre-season, and fit again, during the winter break, is in both periods to organise a sequence of three cup competitions, one per week.

To date we’ve named the competitions after out Chief Physio, our Head of Sport Scientist, and Club Doctor, Ema Ruseva.

Next season I’ll change one of them so that or fitness coach, Lachezar Dunev, is similarly honoured.

Physio, sport scientist, doctor, fitness coach: I’m sending a message that, though our players may not be world beaters, we’ll get the best out of them by looking after them, though we do expect them to play their part by working hard at training.

Do something about it, lad!

On which note, if someone could point out to the boy Lemperov, our left-back, that although it’s nice of him, in response to my near-weekly criticisms of his training performance, to ‘hold his hands up and admit’ that I’m right, what I really want is for him to do something about it, I’d be grateful.

At the moment he seems under the illusion that I just enjoy having little chats and it’s doing my head in.


Image credit: “Sports Training” by staciecmorris, generously made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence.




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