Du Malone writes: Grigor Pasha used the pre-season period for what he called ‘tactical heuristics’.

In other words, he revealed that, tactically at least, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Still, this spell at Pomorie is his first as a manager, so I guess we should allow him a period of grace.

20191109141614_1At least, for the start of the season proper, he has shown promise in hitting on an asymmetric 3-2-2-2-1 formation that, I can reveal, carried Stoke City to European glory on FM15.

The difficulty Pasha faces is that, ideally, he’d like to play a Wide Target Man (WTM) on the left, but isn’t certain he has the resources.

He has a potential WTM, Kristiyan Tafradzhiyski, in on trial, but lacks the spare wage budget to contract him. Pasha is trying to get other players out, but is being frustrated by those ‘no offers for X players’ notices that will drive us all to an early grave.

Pomorie have an ageing forward, Tihomir Kanev, who is actually quite well suited to becoming a WTM. And he’s not such a great forward, so that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. i mean, it’s not as if he’s going to score many playing up top.

The difficulty is that it would leave Pomorie’s already inadequate supply of striking talent even more depleted. We should, then, hope for Pasha’s sake that he manages to get someone else.

Stoke used a false 9 instead of a shadow striker/attaching midfielder, but Pasha certainly hasn’t got one of those available.

Welcome, Grigor, to the world of workarounds that we call the Bulgarian second tier.

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