Du Malone writes: As perhaps you’ve guessed, I do like geographically based saves — especially if they look set to end in the Black Sea region. I will follow Frank’s adventures with interest, though I warn him not to seek the job of our manager, Grigor Pasha. Frank, I say to you: Grigor has connections, not all of them very nice.


Author’s Note

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m James, otherwise known as FM Athlete. I’ve been playing Football Manager since the Championship Manager 00/01 edition and played EA Sports’ F.A. Premier League Manager for a number of years before that.

Last year I made my blogging debut, as I shared updates from my Journeyman save, Nordic Nights and Dutch Days. The series saw me start out as an unknown Manager with Sunday-League experience, and after a short period unemployed, I took the Nosaby IF job in the bottom tier of Swedish football. From Nosaby, I managed KuPS in Finland, FC Emmen in the Netherlands, Hibernian in Scotland, Wolves in England and then Villarreal in Spain. The goal of the save was to manage one of the so called “Big 6” teams in the Premier League and despite my best efforts, I failed to achieve my goal.

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