Grigor Pasha writes: I take team training very seriously.

This is not just because I’m a disciplinarian (though I am that). It’s also because I don’t like to tinker too much with team selection or tactics. You can think of me as an anti-Ranieri.

But when things aren’t going well, or you just went them to go better — in other words, all the time — you have to make changes at some level. My main method for this is to vary our training methods.

The problem is that training is so sophisticated these days that there are a myriad of options. Though I think training’s important, I really don’t want to spend all day and night thinking about it: after all, Pomorie only pay me twenty-six grand a year and anyway on the Black Sea coast there are good bars to go to in the evening, for goodness sake.

So I’ve set about devising a pragmatic method that allows me to produce a flexible, responsive, training programme, whilst limiting the number of decisions I need to make. The resource I’ve designed creates a kind of day-by-day rhythm to the week.

Strictly speaking it isn’t quite a one stop-resource, since it only works in its pure form when (a) there’s one match per week and (b) the matches are on the same day of the week.

When the match day varies a little, it’s fairly easy to adapt. When there’s more than one match a week, the resource leaves you up the creek without a paddle.

Berbatov does a spot of community outreach. Image by 5ko, generously made available under a CC-BY-SA-2.5 licence.

You can download the PDF 04 Nov 19 training.

I should give credit where credit’s due: though he may find it difficult to discern how, the resource owes something by way of inspiration to a post by FM_Samo .

He seems, by the way, to be one of those guys who plays simulation games on a computer: really, I think these boys need to get out more. His post was helpful though.


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