Du Malone writes: Our manager, Grigor Pasha, has been appointed manager of Pomorie, in the Bulgarian 2nd tier.

That seemed fitting, given that (according to Wikipedia) the club play at Pomorie Stadium, part of a swanky training and fitness complex immediately adjacent to the Black Sea. Have a look at the promotional photographs here of the site and tell me you don’t envy him.

01 Nov 19 Pomorie
A man of the Black Sea

Pasha, of course has an intimate relationship to that sea, having been born at sea on a ferry crossing and having served for many years as a merchant seaman.

But wait, what’s this? According to FM20 Pomorie play at their neighbour’s stadium in Nesebar. And — I hate to say this, having managed Nesebar myself on FM19 — but their stadium is a dump. see for yourself here on YouTube.

If that is where he is to work, Pasha will not be pleased, I can tell you.

But can some who knows tell me where, really he should be reporting to work — Pomorie Stadium or Nesebar’s Gradski Stadium?

PS For the purposes of this blog I will, unless corrected, assume that Pomorie do indeed play in Pomorie Stadium

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